The Story of Eastcoast Foods & Beverages

The little seeds of Eastcoast Foods & Beverages started to grow in 1965 when Salvatore Lentini picked and packed fresh fruit from his Central Coast orchards to supply to Australia's famous Flemington Markets. Years later, when the Australian government removed tariffs on imported juice concentrate, it became less profitable to produce juice derived solely from fresh fruit.

That's when Salvatore's three sons, Sam, Mick and Frank Lentini, saw an opportunity to create their own niche market by squeezing citrus fruit juice made entirely from 100% fresh fruit. Add to this the natural springs that flowed through their Central Coast property and bottled pure spring water wasn't far behind for this enthusiastic trio. Eastcoast Foods & Beverages was truly born.

Today, Eastcoast Foods & Beverages is a third generation Australian family business and includes Eastcoast Juices, Eastcoast Springs, Lentini Sparkling Mineral Water, Eastcoast Fruits and Eastcoast Contract Packing.

Now into their third generation, Eastcoast's mission is to create premium quality 100% Australian fresh fruit juices, fruit drinks and natural spring water while providing outstanding customer service. Employing more than 25 local Central Coast staff, they source and use Central Coast and wholly Australian produce in every part of the production process whenever possible.

Inspired by Grandfather Salvatore and blessed with pristine springs and bountiful orchards, his sons and grandchildren have continued to supply Australians with delicious fresh juices, Australian spring water, sparkling water and fresh fruit. Their business has grown through word of mouth and an excellent local reputation. Try Eastcoast Foods & Beverages' products and taste the difference!

By chance, I was served your orange juice in a pizza store at Lane Cove and read the message on the side of the bottle. It is great to see an Australian firm with the ambition of supporting the local product and manufacturing locally. I do a radio programme and often talk about such issues. Peopl...

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