ECO-FRIENDLY JUICES - it’s all in our name ... EastCOast Juices

There's more to Eastcoast Juices than you realised! You probably know about our great tasting juices and our support for Aussie farmers and the local community, but did you know how committed we are to our precious environment? Our eco-friendly, sustainable juices are produced by our family for yours!

Our philosophy is to Return - Regrow - Re-juice so that absolutely nothing is wasted. Our mission is to be 100% recyclable and 100% committed to the environment and the people in it.

Eastcoast's 100% recyclable bottles are ready to be returned and re-used in their next life, while Eastcoast citrus peel is sent to our farming environment for nutritious cattle feed, full of protein and energy. Every time you sip an Australian-made Eastcoast Juice, you are making a difference.

Absolutely nothing is wasted when we manufacture our heavenly Australian fruit juices. The wash down water is treated and used to replenish and re-juice the trees in our orchards.

Citrus pulp provides a zesty and nutritional punch to yoghurts and citrus flavoured desserts. Eastcoast pulp is sent to companies for blending and regenerating to create a new flavour sensation!

What goes around, comes around again, and again...

Hi There, Just a quick enquiry. I purchase your Australian Orange Juice (Eastcoast) Beveridge from our work cafe on a regular basis. I find the drink very yummy. I am trying to find it in a supermarket. Do you stock at any supermarket chains or are you just available in Cafes? Also do you have an...

Annabelle Punch

993 George Downes Dr, Kulnura
NSW 2250, Australia

4376 3200

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