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There's more to Eastcoast Juices than you might realise! Along with our commitment to creating a great, Aussie made product, we're also extremely committed to having as light of a footprint we can possible have on our precious environment! 

Our philosophy is to Return - Regrow - Re-juice so that absolutely nothing of our product is wasted. Our mission is to be 100% recyclable while remaining 100% committed to our environment and the people in it.

Eastcoast's 100% recyclable bottles are ready to be returned and re-used in their next life, while Eastcoast citrus peel is sent to our farming community to be used as a nutritious, alternative cattle feed, full of protein and energy. Every time you sip an Australian made Eastcoast Juice, you are making a difference.

There is absolutely zero waste in the manufacturing of our heavenly Australian fruit juices. Our washdown water is treated and sent back out to our orchards to replenish and re-juice the trees.

The citrus pulp that we don't use in our Pulp Free Orange Juice instead provides a zesty and nutritional punch to yoghurts and citrus flavoured desserts. Eastcoast pulp is sent to companies for blending and regenerating to create a new flavour sensation!

What goes around, comes around again, and again...


Along with sending truck after truck filled to the brim with our unused orange peel for farmers to use as feed for their cattle, you might see our famed Orange Juice labels look a little different from time to time. This is to raise awareness for the residual effects Australian farmers have faced due to the drought, as well as the bushfires from 2019 and the subsequent floods.

Though the rainfall in recent months has been positive, many farmers unfortunately will not see restoration of their farms for years to come. This label is reprsentative of the fact that we stand in solidarity with our farmers, and make a promise to always support them the way that they have always supported us. 

If you see these in stores, know that for every bottle purchased, 10c of that will be donated to Rural Aid in support of our Aussie farmers! 

I'm just a simple consumer, have had the pineapple juice, delicious!   Last week tried the lemon juice - what could be better on a hot day (or a cold day for that matter).  Thank you for such delicious juices and for being an Australian company.

Sharyn Aiken

993 George Downes Dr, Kulnura
NSW 2250, Australia

4376 3200

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