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Eastcoast Relies on Family Heritage in Tough Times

Posted on 9 April 2020
Eastcoast Relies on Family Heritage in Tough Times
SAMUEL J Lentini ran a fruit juice racket during his high school years. Smuggling bottles of fresh orange juice in his school bag, he'd sell them to fellow students in what grew to become quite a business, pocketing up to $400 a week.
He even employed a few mates to help with distribution. Even when the school canteen tried to have him shut down, he went underground, "paying off" a few of the teachers with free juice so they'd turn a blind eye. Read more here ...
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A Change is Coming

Posted by Emily Beatty on 28 February 2020
A Change is Coming
Despite the recent rainfall over the past few weeks, Australia is still plagued with drought, and many farmers will not see restoration of their farms for years to come. The residual effects of the drought and the recent devastating fires have created new hurdles for us to face as a business, which is why it's important - now more than ever - to support one another. To continue raising awareness of this cause that we are deeply passionate about, we will be implementing a change...
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By chance, I was served your orange juice in a pizza store at Lane Cove and read the message on the side of the bottle. It is great to see an Australian firm with the ambition of supporting the local product and manufacturing locally. I do a radio programme and often talk about such issues. Peopl...

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